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BRICKMAKERS at college: the Azure Cloud

Besides professionally developing high-quality apps, one of our main concerns in our day-to-day work is hands-on experience. We think knowledge transfer should primarily not be just theoretical. That’s why we at BRICKMAKERS were happy to give the students of the Koblenz’ technical college that same experience. Last winter semester, our developer Jonas gave a lecture on Cloud Computing: Azure. It was inspired by Professor Kiess’ lecture on Cloud Computing and worked complementary to it.

Jonas presents the Azure Cloud

Jonas presents the Azure Cloud

Since the practical approach is also the one we use in our daily business at BRICKMAKERS, it was really important to us to also focus on it with the students. Therefore, the theoretical parts of the lecture were complemented by lots of practical excercises and even the Microsoft Innovation Workshop was used. Hereby, students were able to e.g. try out how to set up the Azure Cloud or backend services as well as databases.

We must have struck a chord with the students because they instantly worked meticulously and showed active participation. Professor Kiess was also impressed by the event and said:


“Thank you very much for the great lecture […] You gave the students a very practical insight to the Microsoft Cloud […] the students liked it and learned a lot […] I would be happy to continue our professional exchange in the future.”


By the way, Azure can do more than just the basics mentioned above. For example, the Azure Search Engine, a KI-based cloud search service, offers lots of functions like cognitive search with integrated skills. Azure Functions allow APP Service without ASP and Microsoft even offers a Machine Learning Studio for the Azure AI. The Iot Suite is also an exciting feature. It helps you in building and managing the necessary services to implement and monitor solutions around IoT scenarios.

Likewise, the Azure Bot Service is also interesting. It can work as a virtual assistant designed exactly to your needs and because of cognitive services, it is also intelligent. Here at BRICKMAKERS, the bot is integrated with Microsoft teams as well as our vacation management app timeout:

Azure Bot for TimeoutApp


The lecture was really fun and that’s why — in consultation with Professor Kiess — we’ll offer the lecture again next winter semester.

So: make a note and come around!



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